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            Growing up in the mountains of Colorado I have always found beauty in the nature that surrounds me. Through trips into the mountains, deserts, down rivers, and on hiking trails I fell in love with the untouched landscapes. In this beauty lies the inspiration that prompted my need to document and re-create it for others as well as myself. With this appetite for documentation I fell in love with the camera.

             Throughout my creative process my focus is always on the final product: the print. So much of photography, since the advent of digital, is focused on pixels on screens. I utilize my technical abilities to challenge this new notion and put a strong focus back on the fine art print. The large-scale prints I create pay homage to the sprawling landscape I am fortunate enough to experience in my life. They recreate the emotion that is felt when viewing such an immense area, the feeling of being dwarfed by your surroundings. Through black and white as well as color prints I can replicate what I see and feel in different places on this earth. This beauty, in a world that is shrinking by the day, is what drives me to create and share my point of view with my audience.

Artist's Statement


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